Do you want to improve your photography?


I have teamed up with Scott Dunn to provide expert photography advice and accompany their clients into some of the most beautiful and diverse destinations on earth.


Over the years I have enjoyed my time travelling with small groups of people or individuals who want to learn more about photography. Some have joined me whilst I’ve been working on a live assignment where I’ve travelled to remote destinations to cover a story or local festival.

In this day and age, with most travellers having a camera, I believe knowing how to get the best results from your equipment is key. 

I endeavour to take people back to basics technically.... stopping the use of 'auto' by only shooting manually, learning which lens to use in a given situation and working together to create moving and interesting portraits of people who may never have had a picture made of them, let alone seen a camera! Most importantly I aim to teach and show how to gain access into people's lives, thus enabling the subject to be left with a fond encounter of you as well as you getting great pictures combined with your own memories.

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